Gathering wild mushrooms is a tradition passed down from generation to generation by
my European ancestry. Foraging mushrooms is so common in Europe that pharmacists
are trained to identify them and often do so on a daily basis. Here, in Oregon, we can
find the very same mushrooms as the ones as those in the French Alps, and the natural
elements yield mushrooms year round. For me, it is a passion that, in turn, has become
a business I started selling mushrooms to a few local restaurants. Almost 15 years ago,
I formed MUSHROOMS ALL YEAR, a small business that offers quality, consistency, and
great service. I now sell mushrooms to local restaurants, upscale stores, and at Grower’s
Markets, where they call me the “Mushroom Man.” I have expanded the business and
provide cooking classes as well. Despite the current economy, MUSHROOMS ALL YEAR
is a successful and thriving business, which ships mushrooms to out-of-state resorts,
restaurants, and country clubs. The wild mushroom business is now a $15 billion per
year industry. Every day more recipes on the food channel refer to wild mushrooms,
making them star attractions. Books are written about them, and restaurants are
named after them; i.e. “the Chanterelle,” “La Morille,” and “The Golden Truffle”.
Americans are embracing wild mushrooms for the delightful culinary excellence these
wild plans impart. Wild mushrooms are a natural, unspoiled resource. As palates
develop, so will this heritage industry. The taste and health benefits of wild
mushrooms are catapulting the growth of this industry. While Mushrooms all year
does not harvest the mushrooms, we do obtain them from top quality sources.